A picture of James Corden and baby Max McCartney Kimberly Corden (though whether his middle name’s truly McCartney, I can’t decide. You’ll understand why if you read the book). I just finished reading ‘May I Have Your Attention, Please?’. It’s been really interesting, and quite an insight. I wasn’t a particularly massive fan of James before I read the book. I had nothing against him, but I hadn’t really seen him on a lot of things either. I enjoy watching Gavin and Stacey, but haven’t seen every episode and I had no idea he’d been in the original cast of ‘The History Boys’ and the film (to be honest, I didn’t even realise they’d made a film), something which I’m slightly ashamed of. Anyway, you get the idea. I knew who he was, just not really a lot else.

My friend Lili’s second cousin once removed (tenuous link, I know) is getting married to his sister, Ruth, and my friends from college went to Holmer Green Secondary (where he’s their claim to fame, as it’s the upper school which he attended) so I knew that he’d lived around the Wycombe area, but I hadn’t realised that his Dad had been based at RAF Uxbridge. My Mum lived in Uxbridge when she was younger and we still go to Church and Girls’ Brigade there, and know people who are based on that camp so it made it feel a little bit more like I could associate with his life. I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but when I read biographies, I feel as though I am becoming a part of that person’s life. I’m not sure I can really explain, and reading it back sounds bizarre and stalker like, but I know what I’m saying. 

Anyway, I found it a really interesting read. The fact that I was able to associate with the places he was talking about made it even better. I couldn’t believe just how much becoming famous had affected his life. It felt like every single thing that he wrote was truly coming from the heart. One thing that I enjoyed was the fact that he felt able to be completely open about his long term relationship with Shelley, after his fiancée (Jules) had just given birth to Max. I think it proves that celebrities are human, and they are allowed to have more than one love in their life; that things do go wrong with relationships, and just because you’ve loved one person more than you think you could ever love anybody else doesn’t mean that someone won’t come along who changes that feeling. 

He kept mentioning how becoming a father had changed his outlook on life, and I thoroughly believe him. I also think this picture proves that he’s going to love that little boy more than is humanly possible. I love it.

I couldn’t believe some of the things that I was reading in the book. They seem so far away from the person that he portrays, the majority of the time, in public. It’s a pretty brave book in the way of the things that he reveals - not many celebrities would admit to some of the things he did and the decisions that he made. I just feel that perhaps he wanted to get all of those things out in the open and start afresh with his new fiancée and baby.

I’m definitely glad that I got this book. It was really cheap for my Kindle (even though I like having autobiographies in hardback), and I sort of wanted to read it, so I did. I think that if you want an insight into how achieving a dream is possible as long as you never give up, even though there might be issues along the way, then it’s worth a read. Or if you want something that’s fairly heart warming, but perhaps in a slightly unconventional way. Or even if you’re a James Corden fan. Enjoy.

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